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What is Occupy Wall Street All About?

This is an honest question. I have no idea what this is all about. All Things Considered did a bit on it. They shed some light on the issue. The people they interviewed said they wanted more democracy. They wanted everybody to have a say in any decisions made. Who has time for this?
The guy was a computer science major in college. I am sure that if I could hear more from him he would talk about how because of the internet and the increase of communication channels more people would be able to vote on governmental issues. Seriously though, after just listening to the 5 minute segment I was tired of hearing them vote and talk about what kind of sleeping bags they wanted. Can you imagine if 300 million people had to decide on every blessed issue that came before a legislature? The United States is aREPUBLIC for a reason. We don’t want every person to have to decide on every freaking issue. Finally, what has this got to do with Wall Street? The dude in the interview made some point about not wanting any financial institutions to be “Too Big Too Fail,” (I am paraphrasing. He wasn’t that well spoken). It sounds like his bigger problem is with the government. Sure the two are interrelated and it was the government who bailed out the banks (which many institutions have paid back in full with interest, and possibly too soon), but shouldn’t these people be in Washington?
Cornell West added his voice to the protests, but again his issue was with the way that the government spends their money. Why is he on Wall Street?
It is little surprise to me that most of these people are academics and people without jobs. They have time. I know its not easy in our economy to get a job, but the least that these people with all of this time on their hands can do is put together some kind of proposal and actually protest at the appropriate venue.
I don’t get it.


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