Really? The "Dismal Science" and the increasingly irrelevant discipline of theology?

Who are you and Why should we listen to you?

What does a theology student know about economics? Probably not enough to really have anything intelligent to say, but isn’t that the point of the internet? I have a Masters of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary. I am a son of banker (read that how you will). 3 years ago people listening to the news had to ask things like, “what is a credit default swap?” or “what are collateralized debt obligations?” So I started spending an hour or more once a week on the phone with my dad asking him what all this stuff was and did he as a banker contribute to this disaster as that is what the papers seemed to say. Furthermore, I thought that it would be important for a person like myself, who wanted to go into ministry, to know what most parishoners were involved with on a day-to-day basis if they were involved with the marketplace. Thus, I began to study economics in earnest. And, I found it fascinating. Incentives drive behavior way more than I ever really realized. After I started learning all of this, I wondered how religion plays a role in what goes on in the marketplace, for good or ill. I will try not to limit it to Christianity, but that is my own religion.
So, I am not an expert, but I want to explore the intersection of economics and theology in this blog. It may just be an exercise for me to practice writing out my thoughts, and it may be interesting to other people. We’ll see.


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